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parallels desktop 19 for Mac free

parallels desktop for windows 10

Parallels Desktop 19 DMG for MacOSX stands out as a robust application designed to streamline the effortless creation of multiple virtual machines on Intel-based Macs. In contrast to applications limited to specific platforms, this software bridges the compatibility gap, especially when running Windows applications on a Mac, eliminating the need for emulators. The increasing availability of free alternatives like VirtualBox has diminished the significance of virtualization. Still, Parallels Desktop excels by incorporating an extensive array of features that have yet to be found in its counterparts. You Can Also Read Parallels Desktop 19

One notable advantage is its exceptional compatibility with DirectX and OpenGL, enabling seamless execution of 3D graphic-intensive games and applications such as Half-Life 2, FarCry, Soldier of Fortune 2, Autodesk 3ds Max, and more. Parallels Desktop for Mac also introduces the ‘Smart Select’ option, facilitating effortlessly interchange of Mac and Windows files. This feature allows you to open any Mac file on Windows and vice versa and also associates file types with specific applications, irrespective of the operating system.
Including Parallels Explorer, a file manager enabling access to Windows Volume content without the need to boot up the operating system, adds another layer of convenience. Moreover, Parallels Desktop for Mac boasts compatibility with an extensive list of operating systems, encompassing the entire Windows family (from Windows 3.1 to Windows Vista), major Linux distributions (SUSE, Red Hat, Debian, Fedora), and other systems like FreeBSD, Solaris, and OS/2.

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For a comprehensive list of compatible operating systems, click here. With many features, including those mentioned above, many consider the Parallels Desktop for Mac as the premier virtualization tool currently available.
Parallels Desktop 10.2.1 is a helpful application that allows you to create and run virtual machines with different guest operating systems on your Mac. It supports various operating systems, such as Windows, Red Hat Enterprise, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Solaris, and Suse Linux. You can also use this application to install Mountain Lion through the Recovery partition. In conclusion, Parallels Desktop 10.2.1 DMG for MacOSX is a versatile tool that efficiently runs multiple operating systems on your Mac.

Run Windows on Mac

  • You can develop and test your applications on multiple operating systems using a virtual machine on your Mac.
  •  You can also access Microsoft Office for Windows and Internet Explorer on your Mac. Running Windows apps will keep your Mac going; you can quickly transfer files, apps, and other data from a PC to your Mac.

Features of Parallels Desktop macOS

  • Develop and test across multiple OSes in a virtual machine for Mac.
  • Access Microsoft Office for Windows and Internet Explorer.
  • Fast—run Windows apps without slowing down your Mac.
  • Quickly move files, apps, and more from a PC to a Mac.
  • Corporate Windows: Enable all or selected users to Download a Corporate Windows VM by setting up a link to a Windows image in the Parallels My Account portal. Parallels Desktop users across your organization can easily access any critical Windows applications.
  • Streamlined package management across Intel and M-series Chips and Mac computers
  • Easy Administration
  • Powerful: Use deployment packages to configure and deploy Parallels Desktop and virtual machines.
  • Secure: Restrict users from creating, removing, cloning, and altering virtual machines.
  • Streamline: Use the Parallel’ My Account’ web portal for easy administration and support.
  • Intuitive Admin Capabilities: Built Around Security and Compliance
  • Secure User & Device Access
  • Data Protection in Windows
  • Virtual Machine Expiries
  • Deliver the Most Seamless Solution Between Mac and Windows
  • Superior User Experience: Mac users don’t have to miss out on any Windows applications.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Access business-critical applications on Mac devices instantly.
  • USB Devices and Peripherals
  • Leading Admin Capabilities: Streamline workflows and reduce IT overhead.
  • Deploy Parallels with Mac Management Solutions

parallels for mac


  • Yearly update cycle.
  • Can choose a perpetual license or subscription.
  • Version 18 made it easy to install the ARM version of Windows 11.
  • Touch ID integration.


  • Higher price than it used to be.
  • Virtual machines require a lot of memory and processor power.

Our Verdict

The price is higher than it once was, but thanks to the simplification of running Windows on ARM, Parallels Desktop is the best option for Mac users who need to run Windows software on their Mac.

How to Crack Parallels Desktop 19.1.0

Install Parallels Desktop:

  2. Sign out your account
  3. chmod +x && chmod +x Launch\ Parallels.command && sudo ./
  4. Double-click Launch Parallels. command

You will always need to use this launcher as a workaround to prevent signature errors from occurring. However, if you are a developer with permission to use* or are willing to disable System Integrity Protection, a better approach is available.

Operation not permitted

Enable System Preferences ▸ Privacy & Security ▸ Full Disk Access ▸ Terminal

Codesign error

Ensure xcode command line tools are installed. Install it using the command xcode-select –install.

Check installation with Xcode-select -p, which will output /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools or /Applications/


You also want to block Parallels Servers. parallels. pt

Parallels Desktop will uncomment these. Therefore, one needs to lock the hosts’ file:

sudo chflags uchg /etc/hosts && sudo chflags schg /etc/hosts


sudo chflags nouchg /etc/hosts && sudo chflags noschg /etc/hosts

OS download

You cannot download operating systems in the Control Center anymore. Comment these out to get this functionality:





Here’s the best way to crack Parallels 19 by Ion B:

  1. Completely close the program after installation.
  2. (Optional) Go to MacOS settings, Privacy, and security, and allow the terminal full access to the file system and app management.
  3. Open the Crack folder in the terminal.
  4. Enter the following command: chmod +x ./Install_Patch.command && sudo ./Install_Patch.command
  5. Follow the procedure as it’s popping up in the terminal until it’s done.

Is Parallel Desktop for Mac safe for use?

Yes, Parallel Desktop is safe for all their users, and they can download and use this application without worrying about their security.

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